TV Girl w/ Jordana

TV Girl


All Ages
TV Girl w/ Jordana - live music at The Mothlight in Asheville, NC

TV Girl

w/ Jordana

at The Mothlight

Tuesday, June 23rd

Doors 8pm, Show 9pm

TV Girl released “French Exit” in 2014 to shrugs. It would take exactly 6 and half years for their storied debut album to be re-evaluated as the singular slice of sickly-sweet-downer-pop that we all know and love today. To capitalize on this fortuitous twist of fate, the “TV Girl traveling All-Star Band” will be performing their iconic album in its entirety, giving the album the triumphant national tour it always deserved. Don’t look at it as a cynical cash grab. See it for what it really is, the cathartic revenge of the underdog, courtesy of TV Girl, “The Last Great American Indie Band.”

Jordana -

For 19-year-old Jordana Nye, kaleidoscopic bedroom pop songs aren’t merely outlets for observations, but ways to endure and embrace turbulence. Listeners can hear in full by listening to the re-release of her treasured debut album Classical Notions of Happiness which is comprised of the album in it’s original form alongside three new bonus tracks.

Classical Notions of Happiness is the culmination of a decade of practice and a slow delve into the expanses of SoundCloud. “I had all these singles and I just wanted a place where I could put all of them,” she explains.

The project was recorded over the past two years between Maryland, New York, and her new home of Wichita, Kansas. Jordana describes her notions of happiness as coping mechanisms, graceful in their fluctuation: “Sometimes it’s about naivete, and wanting people to validate your existence. Other times, it’s about being in love, and how happy you can be when you are. And other times, it’s just craving that, and trying to find a way to feel normal again.” Taken altogether, Classical Notions of Happiness offers a snapshot of an artist on the precipice of her youth and the vast unknown that stretches out just beyond.

Venue Information:
The Mothlight
701 Haywood Rd
Asheville, NC, 28806